About Us

Unlock the potential of renewable


We are dedicated to unlock the potential of renewable, chasing best technologies and cost effective solutions to support concrete projects.



customer centricity

We are focused on your needs and your requirement for an optimised tailored solution.

sustainability of energy

We are dedicated to the raise of sustainable energy for our future

inspirational design

To inspire the change, to dream, to soar

design thinking & innovation

We are using design thinking to explore new directions to tap undiscovered added value in a complete systemic approach

social responsibility

We strive to have a responsible and ethical approach of business practices.

Eric format carré

Eric Stutzmann

After 15 years working for the automotive industry, I felt a huge need to embrace a cause greater than mine. Fueled by the passion for technologies and renewables, I would like to put my whole energy to build a greener future. I’m strongly convinced that Hydrogen will be a major energy vector for our civilization.
Franck format carré

Franck Turmel-Josek

Energy is part of my DNA, and family legacy. After 25 years experience in natural gas industry, I think it is time for our society to shift massively to renewables. Electricity renewable production being intermittent, hydrogen appears to be the best energy storage option. I strongly believe, people will buy-in this second energy revolution and will go for an autonomous/community, more responsible, scheme.
Nicolas format carré

Nicolas Eynaud de Faÿ

I am convinced that the future will see the frontier between energy producer and consumer disappearing. Storage is the natural next step of renewable development. With 15 years experience in the field, I am very excited to put my own energy and passion into this change that will affect the entire way we live energy.
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